Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the cornerstone of vibrant online visibility

SEO, generally known as search engine optimization has become a handy tool to highlight your activities on the online platform and get the desired ranking and fetch maximum web traffic. It is a fabulous method to get visibility on popular search engines.

If your website is appropriately administered, excellent traffic will be generated through Google and your website will be placed in the top ranking. Traffic generation will ensure business gains and that is the main purpose of the entire process. So, without further delay, get in touch with our SEO team and obtain the maximum traffic. You will get value for your money as we completely enhance your online presence and increase your earning hugely.

Although Seospidy genuinely describes the intentions of SEO and its significance on your website in a broader way, You may still be contemplating as to how your brand will be professionally managed by our SEO team. Below are the steps of SEO work we provide to our valued customers:

  • SEO audit and competitor analysis
  • Keyword selection
  • On page optimization
  • Off-page optimization


SEO audit will involve market analysis, information architecture, description, page title, internal linking, loading page, loading speed, etc. Besides, a comprehensive competitor analysis is done, which is like a half battle won as we focus the weakness of your competitor and improves that area. Choosing the right keyword is the key to your website’s success. While it is chosen considering various aspects, the business intent is necessary to inculcate in your keywords. Your keywords will be an epitome of commercial activities you want to do in your business. On- page optimizations involve all the activities to enhance the website ranking. It includes meta-tags, titles, descriptions, headlines, link building, internal linking etc. Off-page optimization primarily involves the programming of a website by outside determiners which involve an optimization level, page rank, page speed, link popularity etc.

SEO is basically a process of optimizing web resources in such a way that they are favourable to the Google algorithm. At Seospidy, smart SEO experts will ensure your web visibility, SERP (Search engine ranking page) domination, CTR (click through rate), CRO (Conversion rate optimization) and maximum organic lead generation. Most leads are converted from first five or ten websites on the first page of search engines. Consequently, it is always a challenge to be on top of the search engines and remember, your competitors always eye in that position. To ensure your sustainability of the top position on the search engine, you need to employ specific strategies and our SEO team is expert to achieve that feat for you.

Completion in every business is so intense that everyone wants visibility on the first page of a search engine so that they could reach to their customers and convert the lead into business. Search  Engine Optimization is the best option in digital marketing that will make you visible in the digital space as it allows to target your audience directly.If your website loses online visibility, it will lose substantial business. So, before you lose your ground, contact Seospidy’s SEO service team, they will provide you with an opportunity to ripe the benefits.

Search Engine Optimization  Package 1
(Per Month)
Package 2
(Per Month)  
Package 3
(Per Month)
On Page optimization
No. of pages to be optimized  5 10 15
Website Analysis  Yes Yes Yes
Competitive Analysis  Yes Yes Yes
Keyword Target  3 5 10
Optimizing Site Directory structure and Navigation  Yes Yes Yes
Optimization of Title, Description, Keyword Meta Tags  Yes Yes Yes
Image & Hyperlink Optimization  Yes Yes Yes
Content Optimization  Yes Yes Yes
Google, Yahoo & MSN Sitemap Creation and Submission  Yes Yes Yes
Google Webmaster Installation Yes Yes Yes
Off Page optimization
Manual Search Engine Submission
Manual Directory Submission  20 50 100
Press Release Written 2 4 6
Article / Press Release Submission  30 30 30
Social Bookmarking  10 20 40
Telephone & Email Support  Yes Yes  Yes
Minimum Period 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months
Price Rs 10000/- Rs 15000/- Rs 25000/-


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